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Sere-Leguizamon Artworks Featured at Charity Gala in Miami

Art Basel pic

Art Basel
Image: artbasel.com

As head of LaKritz Adler Development, LLC, Robb LaKritz has undertaken a full range of retail and residential real estate projects spanning the District of Columbia. Community involved, Robb LaKritz and his wife, Agustina Casas Sere-Leguizamon, contributed their time and effort to the 2015 Global Gift Foundation charity gala.

Held in tandem with Miami’s biannual Art Basel event, the Ricky Martin Foundation- and Eva Longoria Foundation-sponsored event featured half a dozen unique experiences auctioned off for charity. Among these was a commissioned-artwork experience, for which Mrs. Sere-Leguizamon donated a photo session and the production of a photo-based, digitally altered artwork.

Originally from Uruguay, Mrs. Sere-Leguizamon is a pioneering digital artist whose collection Ensueños Rioplatenses was recognized by the Uruguayan government as a National Work. Her works combine a pop sensibility with repeating portrait motifs. Her widely known works include homages to Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, and Frida Kahlo. She has also created images tied to broader social themes, including The Military March and The Falling Woman. At the Miami charitable event, a portrait Ms. Sere-Leguizamon completed of the Netherlands’ Queen Maxima, the first Latin American-born European royalty, was on display.