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The ULI Hines Student Competition

Urban Land Institute pic

Urban Land Institute
Image: uli.org

An experienced investment professional who has served as an advisor to the United States Treasury, Robb LaKritz is the chairman of global private equity fund LaKritz Holdings, LLC, and a managing partner with LaKritz Adler Development, LLC, which redevelops historical buildings. To inform his work with LaKritz Adler Development, Robb LaKritz maintains membership with the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

Each year, the ULI holds the Hines Student Competition, an urban design challenge for graduate students. Students split into teams of five, which must represent at least three different disciplines, to create developments to make the best use of the land the competition assigns to them. Solutions must include relevant drawings, plans, and financial data.

Though there is no expectation that any submitted solutions will be used for the site, the award offers the teams the opportunity to develop real-world experience in land use and property development. The winning team earns $50,000, and all other finalist teams receive $10,000.

The Aspen Institute’s Ascend Program

Ascend Program pic

Ascend Program
Image: aspeninstitute.org

The cofounder of LaKritz Adler Development, Robb LaKritz is an experienced investor who has overseen a number of high-profile real estate projects. Beyond his professional duties, Robb LaKritz is a member of nonprofit The Aspen Institute, which focuses on developing enlightened leadership in current and future leaders.

One of The Aspen Institute’s many initiatives is the Ascend Program, which it established in 2010, in collaboration with the national hub for breakthrough ideas, as a two-generational program that provides parents and their children with the tools they need to move towards economic success and security. As such, the program creates solutions and advocates for policies that focus on health, well-being, social capital, education, and financial support.

Working alongside the families that it aims to elevate, the Ascend Program provides better outcomes for both parents and their children, while also creating a network of leaders who can open educational and career pathways for others. As a result, it also creates conversation points around the challenges low-income families face.

Benefits of Joining the Urban Land Institute

Urban Land Institute pic

Urban Land Institute
Image: uli.org

A former US Treasury advisor, Robb LaKritz maintains concurrent responsibilities as founder and managing partner at LaKritz Adler Development and as chairman of LaKritz Holdings, LLC. Complementing his professional work, Robb LaKritz serves as a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

Over the last eight decades, ULI has emerged into one of the most influential real estate development and land use organizations in the world. Today, the Institute boasts a member-base of nearly 40,000 professionals who work in both the public and private sectors. Each of these individuals has the unique opportunity to take advantage of ULI’s numerous member benefits.

Anyone can engage with ULI as an associate member and become part of the organization’s largest group of affiliates. Though the organization does not offer its full range of benefits to these individuals, it still connects them with discounted educational events, opportunities to become Council leaders, and an exclusive list of online job postings.

ULI also offers a full membership bracket to those who work in the real estate and land industries. These professionals receive all associate benefits and more that help foster their career growth. In addition to extended leadership opportunities, full members receive the chance to mentor others in their field and present at prominent industry events.

Real Estate Projects at LaKritz Adler

LaKritz Adler Development, LLC pic

LaKritz Adler Development, LLC
Image: lakritzadler.com

Based in Washington, DC, Robb LaKritz has built a wide-ranging career as a global lawyer, policymaker, and business professional. As founder and managing partner of LaKritz Adler Development, Robb LaKritz has overseen an array of real estate redevelopment initiatives throughout the DC area.

Since its inception in 2002, LaKritz Adler has fostered the vision of an improved Washington DC. The firm began by restoring the city’s historic Shaw neighborhood and has since continued its goal with a number of other renovation projects, including the following:

8415 Fenton
Through a partnership with the First Baptist Church of Silver Spring, LaKritz Adler has initiated a project that aims to renovate two acres of real estate in the city’s downtown area. When completed, the new building will feature nearly 100,000 square feet of space for shopping, religious worship, and residential living.

Petworth Station
In 2010, LaKritz Adler completed a renovation project at the empty gas station site across from Washington DC’s Petworth Station. After removing contaminations and rebuilding the site, the firm unveiled a new CVS that is the first to serve the neighborhood in several years.

The Moderno
In an effort to update the historic U Street section of Washington DC, LaKritz Adler purchased several lots in close proximity to the local metro station and established The Moderno in their place. Encompassing a total of 30,000 square feet, the building now boasts nearly 20 European-influenced condominiums and a retail area to accommodate the residents’ various shopping needs.

Renaissance Weekend Invites Prominent Leaders to Discuss Big Issues

Renaissance Weekend pic

Renaissance Weekend
Image: renaissanceweekend.org

Robb LaKritz cofounded LaKritz Adler Development in 2004 and has spearheaded a variety of high-profile sales and developments since then. As an experienced developer and financial professional, Robb LaKritz has been invited to join celebrities and world leaders at Renaissance Weekend events.

Renaissance Weekend invites diverse leaders from all manner of disciplines to come together for the “grand-daddy of ideas festivals.” Talented musicians, Olympic athletes, politicians, CEOs, and Nobel laureates join other influential individuals for a weekend of thought-provoking dialogue. All participants at Renaissance Weekend events are welcome to share their experiences and thoughts on a wide range of contemporary issues.

The invitation-only event is limited to participants who have achieved widespread recognition for contributions to their field. Invitees who exhibit the spirit of the renaissance, or a well-balanced appreciation of intellectual pursuits, are sought after. Former attendees include Buzz Aldrin, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert, and Al Franken.

Revived Veritas Building Highlights Capital’s Neoclassical Look

Veritas Building pic

Veritas Building
Image: lakritzadler.com

Robb LaKritz, an accomplished attorney and former Treasury Department official, co-founded the Washington, DC-based firm of LaKritz Adler Development in 2003. As managing partner and chairman of the firm’s investment committee, he has overseen the execution of numerous successful real estate development projects, including the sale of the historic Dupont Circle Starbucks building in 2014. Among other notable DC-area acquisitions, Robb LaKritz and Josh Adler converted the historic Veritas Building – once an embassy – into a contemporary retail-office space while maintaining its historic features.

The neoclassical Veritas Building, almost unused at the time of the LaKritz Adler purchase, began to thrive after the firm welcomed new tenants that included the Veritas Wine Bar and a major law office. Within a few months of the restoration, the building was fully occupied. Situated at the intersection of Connecticut and Florida Avenues and near the Dupont Circle metro station on the Red Line, the Veritas Building features a stunning facade.

The building’s style typifies the architectural look of the District, which in its early history adopted the neoclassical esthetic echoing ancient Greece and Rome in the majority of its public structures. Throughout the first third or so of the 19th century, major cities along the eastern seaboard continued to use the neoclassically inflected Federal and Greek Revival styles.

The Purchase of the MacArthur Professional Center

Robb LaKritz As the chairman of LaKritz Holdings LLC, Robb LaKritz oversees real estate investment initiatives. Robb LaKritz also serves LaKritz Adler Real Estate Development, a company he co-founded, as a managing member.

In 2014, Rock Creek Property Group, following its acquisition of five commercial properties, sold the MacArthur Professional Center to LaKritz Adler. Rock Creek had purchased the three-story building in 2005 for $10 million. Located in close proximity to the Maryland-Washington border, the MacArthur Professional Center has a history dating back to the late 1960s and has since undergone renovations. Due to appreciation, Rock Creek transferred ownership to LaKritz Adler in exchange for nearly $15 million.

The building comprises 43,600 square feet, providing businesses with office space and retailers with storefronts. As of its acquisition, the center was home to a Starbucks as well as Brookville Pharmacy. Its other tenants included Interplan and John I. Haas.

Well-Known Architects of the Italian Renaissance

Andrea Palladio pic

Andrea Palladio
Image: architecture.about.com

A graduate of Emory University, Robb LaKritz is a hugely successful leader in real estate development and investing. He currently serves as CEO and chairman of the private investment firm LaKritz Holdings, LLC, and the co-founder of LaKritz Adler Development, a company that specializes in redeveloping historic properties. In his free time, Robb LaKritz enjoys restoring various properties and learning about Italian architecture.

When many people think of Italian architecture, they envision the Renaissance, with characteristic domes, arches, and harmonious designs. Italy is the birthplace of Renaissance architecture and home to many well-known Italian architects of the time, some of which are briefly discussed below:

Andrea Palladio: The architect behind Il Redentore and San Giorgio Maggiore, two churches in Venice, Palladio, focused most of his work on domestic architecture. He designed several villas in the 16th century, such as the Villa Emo and Villa Rotonda. His work was often centrally planned and his designs were simple and easily reproduced.

Filippo Brunelleschi: Considered by many to be the first Italian Renaissance architect, Brunelleschi studied and drew inspiration from ancient buildings in Rome. His work includes the dome of Florence Cathedral and Ospedale degli Innocenti and his work often featured repetitive measurements and proportions.

Leon Battista Alberti: Focusing largely on designing building in Mantua, Florence, and Rimini, Alberti designed the facades of the Church of Santa Maria Novella and Tempio Malatestiano. Frequently referred to as a true Renaissance man, he sought to create meaning through his designs and recreate the glory of ancient architecture.

The Dupont Circle Starbucks Building Sold for a Record-Breaking Price

LaKritz Adler Development, LLC pic

LaKritz Adler Development, LLC
Image: lakritzadler.com

Over the past two decades, Robb LaKritz has led a highly successful career as a real estate developer, investor, and policymaker. Currently leading LaKritz Holdings, LLC, as chairman and CEO, he spent 10 years serving as co-founder and managing partner of LaKritz Adler Development, LLC (LAD). Together with his partner, Robb LaKritz invested in and developed several properties throughout Washington, DC, including the Dupont Circle Starbucks Building.

Acquired by LAD in 2010, along with the adjacent Beadazzled building, the Dupont Circle Starbucks Building at 1501 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, is home to the eastern United States’ first Starbucks store along with other high-end boutique commercial and retail space. Spanning the basement, first, and second floors in the buildings, Starbucks covers roughly one third of the total space and has agreed to lease the area through early 2035. The remaining space is filled by Beadazzled, Reishman Real Estate, and BBB Fresh Pan-Asian cafe, all of which have leases extending to at least 2018.

LAD owned the Dupont Circle Starbucks Building for five years, and in 2015 it was acquired by Harbor Group International in a record-setting sale. The fully leased buildings were sold for over $16 million, or $1,672 per square foot.

Investment Philosophies of Private Equity Funds

Robb LaKritz, co-founder of LaKritz Adler Development in Washington, D.C., has years of experience in the real estate development and investment arena. A former presidential appointee, Robb LaKritz is also the founder and CEO of LaKritz Holdings, a diversified private equity fund invested around the world.

A private equity fund is generally a partnership of firms or individuals formed to invest in private companies. Usually created with capital for investments not traded on a public exchange, private equity funds target specific industries or a broad market and often have long investment horizons. Once a sufficient stake in ownership is obtained, a private equity fund seeks to improve the value of an investment through an expansion strategy or operations and management changes.

The structure of a private equity fund often consists of a fund manager and corporate experts who monitor the companies in which the fund has an ownership stake. The fund manager oversees investment goals which may involve:

-Venture capital – financing companies in early growth stages.
-Growth capital – financing the expansion of an established company not traded on the public market.
-Leveraged buyout – financing existing management to enable it to take a controlling share in a company.
-Distressed buyout – financing a company unable to meet debt obligations. This usually includes a turnaround strategy.