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The Aspen Institute’s Ascend Program

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Ascend Program
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The cofounder of LaKritz Adler Development, Robb LaKritz is an experienced investor who has overseen a number of high-profile real estate projects. Beyond his professional duties, Robb LaKritz is a member of nonprofit The Aspen Institute, which focuses on developing enlightened leadership in current and future leaders.

One of The Aspen Institute’s many initiatives is the Ascend Program, which it established in 2010, in collaboration with the national hub for breakthrough ideas, as a two-generational program that provides parents and their children with the tools they need to move towards economic success and security. As such, the program creates solutions and advocates for policies that focus on health, well-being, social capital, education, and financial support.

Working alongside the families that it aims to elevate, the Ascend Program provides better outcomes for both parents and their children, while also creating a network of leaders who can open educational and career pathways for others. As a result, it also creates conversation points around the challenges low-income families face.