Preservation Initiatives Grant Program Supports Historic Preservation


Preservation Initiatives pic

Preservation Initiatives

Robb LaKritz manages the award-winning real estate development company LaKritz Holdings in Washington, DC, and oversees the construction of numerous commercial and residential buildings. Beyond his obligations to the company, Robb LaKritz belongs to the DC Preservation League. The DC Preservation League provides financial support for the preservation of historic sites through Preservation Initiatives (PI) Grant Program.

The PI Grant Program provides non-profit groups and individuals with matching grants designed to introduce the public to preservation concepts and techniques while stimulating discussion on the topic. Grants open doors for access to technical expertise and foster partnerships, in addition to offering the necessary funding for preservation planning, research, and education. Sites targeted by the grants include brick-and-mortar projects associated with historic and cultural significance.

Three separate funding sources support the PI Grant Program: the Virginia Avenue Tunnel, the Brightwood Car Barn, and the Mid-Century Modern and Religious Properties. Each funding source involves a specific area of the city and focuses on a different aspect of historical preservation. For instance, Brightwood Car Barn provides funding to the Brightwood Community and Ward 4 and enhances the knowledge of historic resources that contribute to the area’s cultural heritage. The Virginia Avenue Tunnel distributes funds to historic resources within the area surrounding the Virginia Avenue Tunnel Reconstruction Project and the Mid-Century Modern and Religious Properties funding source targets mid-century and religious architecture.


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