The ULI Hines Student Competition

Urban Land Institute pic

Urban Land Institute

An experienced investment professional who has served as an advisor to the United States Treasury, Robb LaKritz is the chairman of global private equity fund LaKritz Holdings, LLC, and a managing partner with LaKritz Adler Development, LLC, which redevelops historical buildings. To inform his work with LaKritz Adler Development, Robb LaKritz maintains membership with the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

Each year, the ULI holds the Hines Student Competition, an urban design challenge for graduate students. Students split into teams of five, which must represent at least three different disciplines, to create developments to make the best use of the land the competition assigns to them. Solutions must include relevant drawings, plans, and financial data.

Though there is no expectation that any submitted solutions will be used for the site, the award offers the teams the opportunity to develop real-world experience in land use and property development. The winning team earns $50,000, and all other finalist teams receive $10,000.


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