Real Estate Projects at LaKritz Adler

LaKritz Adler Development, LLC pic

LaKritz Adler Development, LLC

Based in Washington, DC, Robb LaKritz has built a wide-ranging career as a global lawyer, policymaker, and business professional. As founder and managing partner of LaKritz Adler Development, Robb LaKritz has overseen an array of real estate redevelopment initiatives throughout the DC area.

Since its inception in 2002, LaKritz Adler has fostered the vision of an improved Washington DC. The firm began by restoring the city’s historic Shaw neighborhood and has since continued its goal with a number of other renovation projects, including the following:

8415 Fenton
Through a partnership with the First Baptist Church of Silver Spring, LaKritz Adler has initiated a project that aims to renovate two acres of real estate in the city’s downtown area. When completed, the new building will feature nearly 100,000 square feet of space for shopping, religious worship, and residential living.

Petworth Station
In 2010, LaKritz Adler completed a renovation project at the empty gas station site across from Washington DC’s Petworth Station. After removing contaminations and rebuilding the site, the firm unveiled a new CVS that is the first to serve the neighborhood in several years.

The Moderno
In an effort to update the historic U Street section of Washington DC, LaKritz Adler purchased several lots in close proximity to the local metro station and established The Moderno in their place. Encompassing a total of 30,000 square feet, the building now boasts nearly 20 European-influenced condominiums and a retail area to accommodate the residents’ various shopping needs.


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