Renaissance Weekend Invites Prominent Leaders to Discuss Big Issues

Renaissance Weekend pic

Renaissance Weekend

Robb LaKritz cofounded LaKritz Adler Development in 2004 and has spearheaded a variety of high-profile sales and developments since then. As an experienced developer and financial professional, Robb LaKritz has been invited to join celebrities and world leaders at Renaissance Weekend events.

Renaissance Weekend invites diverse leaders from all manner of disciplines to come together for the “grand-daddy of ideas festivals.” Talented musicians, Olympic athletes, politicians, CEOs, and Nobel laureates join other influential individuals for a weekend of thought-provoking dialogue. All participants at Renaissance Weekend events are welcome to share their experiences and thoughts on a wide range of contemporary issues.

The invitation-only event is limited to participants who have achieved widespread recognition for contributions to their field. Invitees who exhibit the spirit of the renaissance, or a well-balanced appreciation of intellectual pursuits, are sought after. Former attendees include Buzz Aldrin, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert, and Al Franken.


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