The Benefits of Membership with YPFP

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy pic

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

Robb LaKritz, a reputable leader in law, real estate development, and investing, and leads LaKritz Holdings, LLC, as chairman and CEO. When he’s not busy investing through his international private equity fund, Robb LaKritz is involved in a variety of organizations, particularly the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, of which he is a member.

Dedicated to helping young professionals gain the skills and knowledge to become foreign policy leaders, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) offers a wide variety of benefits and unique professional opportunities to its members. Members are able to attend special events and the annual YPFP Affairs of State Gala. They can participate in weekly events with a focus on career development and global issues, and also have the opportunity to engage with current and future foreign policy leaders. The organization provides its New York and Washington, DC, members with access to regional discussion groups and public service opportunities, along with educational programming and access to published articles.

Members also receive a variety of valuable discounts through YPFP. The Churchill Centre offers a 25 percent membership discount, which includes preferred access to the Centre’s website, discounted rates for conferences, and a subscription to its journal. Additionally, YPFP members are given exclusive access to online case studies and lectures on global public management at Columbia University and receive a 50 percent discount on subscriptions to publications such as Diplomatic Courier and World Policy Journal. Further, members are eligible for several scholarships and discounts on services like the Princeton Review.


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